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May 26, 2013

7 Point Match Cheat Sheet

Compare this with my ealier posts "Stick's Cheat Sheet" ( and "Bill's Match Equity Chart" (

I have updated my 7 point match table to incorporate Stick's values from 5 point match. I understand Stick's takepoints assume ~2/3 recube efficiency while the original chart assumes perfect recube efficiency. Thus his takepoints are a bit higher.

Values for other scores, as well as the recube takepoints are taken from a Phil Simobrg newsletter supporting I believe Phil is using an average recube effiecency rather than a fully live takepoint as well, so the numbers should complement each other.

I also added another view which groups the materials by score group. I think there is value to this approach. Stare long enough and hopefully we can start to understand the "curvature" of match equity, as Joe Slyvester once told me.