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January 8, 2012

Gammon Save

Not as much to say on this one.  Kit's comments were already covered on the Gammon Go post.  Stick's GV article was a bit shorter.  Below are notes from Stick's article.


Flip side of Gammon Go. 

Opponent’s gammon value is 1.0 while yours is 0.

You should be very careful in considering a play that clearly wins more games but loses more gammons.

Strategy is to split and grab an anchor.  Get ahead in the race and win the race.  Play safe and come home clean to a simple win.

Opening Play

1.       Opening Rolls

a.       Definite Splits: [41 51 32 52 43 54]

                                                               i.      Always split

b.      Special Case: 21

                                                               i.      Split and Slot are tied

2.       Reply Rolls

a.       Always Up with 22: 24/20(2)

b.      21S-53?

                                                               i.      Split 24/21, 13/8 best

                                                             ii.      Point 8/3, 6/3 small error .016

                                                            iii.      Memo: 32S-53?  Also split.

                                                           iv.      Split while not under the gun

c.       53P-21?

                                                               i.      Slot 13/11, 6/5 best  (keep the anchor; aim for prime game when he has attack game)

                                                             ii.      Split 24/23, 13/11 small error .015

d.      53P-62?

                                                               i.      Slot 13/5 best (again keep the anchor and aim for prime game when he has attack game)

                                                             ii.      Split 24/18, 13/11 small error .02

Later Game Plays

1.       Leave the anchor to hit?

a.       Be very fearful giving up the anchor to hit, especially if the opponent has built up a strong offensive position

b.      Also consider number of loose blots you leave

2.       Hit loose to prevent opponent from anchoring? (you are in the roll home phase)

a.       Remember gammons are useless here, so don’t take extra chances to win.

b.      Play safe.  Even if the opponent anchors he is still a large dog.

c.       Once you have the game won, in a sense gammon save enters a DMP phase.  Take no added risks, bear in and bear off as safe as possible!

3.       Don’t blitz!

a.       If at all possible, choose another game plan!

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