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May 27, 2012

Tarrasch Von-Hennig Schara Gambit

This is Larry Kaufman's recommended line agains the Tarrasch Von=Hennig Schara Gambit from his book "The Kaufman Repertoire for Black & White.

Main point is 10. a3 which tries to develop the bishop outside the pawn chain.  If after White plays Bg5 or Bf4 and Black tries ... Qb6 - then black can't actually take the pawn on b2 since White has Na4 forking the Bc5 and Qb2 - this is the tactical point behind the 10. a3 waiting move.

Tarrasch - Von Hennig-Schara Gambit [D32]

1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 c5 4.cxd5 cxd4 5.Qa4+ Bd7 6.Qxd4 exd5 7.Qxd5 Nc6 [7...Nf6 you could try 8. Qxb7, which is complicated.  I like 8. Qd1 when play will probably transpose after a later ...Nc6 by Black.] 8.Nf3 Nf6 9.Qd1 Bc5 10.a3 Diagram


 Kaufman's recommendation.  White is now "threatening" to develop the bishop outside the pawn chain with Bf4 or Bg5 before playing e3.10...0–0 [10...Qe7 11.Bg5 Kaufman novelty. (11.Bf4 is also OK 11...0–0 12.e3 transposes to 10 ...0–0) 11...h6 12.Bxf6 Qxf6 13.Rc1 Bb6 (13...Be7 14.e3 Rd8 15.Qb3 Qg6 16.Be2 Kaufman prefers white) 14.e3 0–0–0 15.Bb5 Kb8 16.Qe2 white is better per Kaufman] 11.Bf4 Kaufman advocates  11. Bf4 instead to avoid the complications of 11. Bg5 below. [11.Bg5 Broznik's line in Beat the Guerillas. 11...h6 (11...Qb6 12.e3 Qxb2 13.Bxf6 gxf6 14.Na4 wins a piece.  This trick is a recurring theme and exemplifies why 10 a3 is such a crafty move by white.) 12.Bh4 g5 13.Bg3 Qe7 14.e3 Rfd8 15.Qc2 g4 16.Bh4 gxf3 17.Nd5 Nxd5 18.Bxe7 Bxe7 19.gxf3 Be6 20.Rg1+ Kh8 21.Rd1 White is probably better in this unclear Queen for three pieces variation, but this is quite messy and complilcated.] 11...Qe7 [11...Bf5 12.Qxd8 Rfxd8 13.e3 Rac8 14.Be2 again Kaufman thinks White is better; 11...Qb6 12.e3 Bf5 13.Nd2 Rfd8 14.Qb3 Qxb3 15.Nxb3 Be7 16.Bb5 analysis by Kaufman.  white is slightly better.] 12.e3 Rfd8 13.Qc2 Nd4 14.Nxd4 Bxd4 15.Be2 Bxc3+ 16.Qxc3 Rac8 17.Qe5 Be6 18.Rd1 Rxd1+ 19.Bxd1 Qd8 20.0–0 Bc4 21.Re1 Qd2 22.Qc3 Qxc3 23.bxc3 Kaufman says black will recover the pawn but White remains a bit better because of the two bishops. Line

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