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December 29, 2011


Lately I've been rolling bad, playing bad and losing my ass.  Riding this streak out is tough, and it is really tempting my resolve.  It is tempting to just say the hell with it and forget this stupid game.  If I do decide to continue, I suppose I need to persevere and redouble my improvement efforts.

To that end, here are some backgammon resolutions for 2012.

1. SLOW DOWN.  Take at least 10-15 seconds on all cube decisions.  And consider at least one alternative move before making a checker play.  Goal is to avoid snap judgments.  Consider the whole board, and hopefully game plan as well.

2. BE MORE SERIOUS WITH LIVE PLAY.  Look at these matches as an opportunity to learn, rather than just killing time before the chouette begins!  Goal is to take pictures of citical decisoins or record some matches for analysis later.  And to slow down as above.

3. STUDY STUDY STUDY!!  I feel like my game could use improvement in all areas, so it really doen't matter too much what I study so long as I study something!  Some ideas.  Racing, Match Equity, Opening Replies, Early Game checker play, Blitzing, Backgames, Holding Games, Pay Now/Pay Later, etc.  Also re-study the foundational materials such as Robertie, Magriel, Trice.  Take lessons as opportunities arise.

4. BE MORE SERIOUS WITH ONLINE PLAY.  Mostly the same points as 1 and 2 above.  Slow down and be serious.  Additionally, I want to use Stick's method of keeping a working folder of blunders.  Meaning, isolate blunders from matches and really look at them closely to try and eliminate the error in thinking from my game.  Continue to share errors in the blog.

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