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December 12, 2011


My intent in blogging is to improve my backgammon skill.  I killed my prior blog, " Bill Blogs Backgammon," upon deciding the "work to fun ratio" was out of whack.  I am back now for a couple reasons.  First, enough time has passed to where I am motivated to study again.  Also, I have noticed my skill deteriorating as I preferred play over study.

I hope the act of blogging will keep my mind on the game, and force me to balance playing with practice.  While I happily share my work here for anyone who is interested, I don't want to place any undue pressure on myself to maintain an active blog.  I will write when it suits me.

I expect to write general notes on fundamentals of the game.  In the past, topics included opening replies, notes from Bill Robertie's 501 Essentials book, racing formulas, etc.  I expect to cover some of the same material here, expecially since I literally destroyed the archive of my previous blog.  Additionally, I expect to write about blunders from my own matches.

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  1. Bill I'd love to get together and play match or money play and have you analyze it and blog about it. I learned some very nice plays by browsing through your blog! If your interested in getting together to play my email address is let me know if your interested and if so when you would be available. If I hear back from you I'll send you my cell so we can set everything up! Hope to hear from you soon,
    Backgammon's Broken Man,
    Danny Quinn