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March 7, 2012

Thinking about replies to Slotting Rolls

Recapping the last several posts on replies to 21$, 41$, 51$, and 62$

Opponent slots 5 point with hope of making it next roll.  If he does, he will have the start of a nice prime.  If you hit, you will be up in the race and split with tempo for an advanced anchor.

*** Hitting Replies ***

  • Always hit with any 4 or 31.

  • With 11 you usually prefer not to hit.  Make the priming play 8/7(2), 6/5(2) instead. By making your 5 point and the bar you take the early priming lead.

  • 41$-11 is the exception.  Reason is tactical.  Here you hit since the opponent lack's good sixes to play from the bar.

*** Point Making Rolls ***

These are pretty obvious.

  • Always hit with 31 and 42.

  • Always make a point with 53 and 61.

  • I don't classify 64 as a point-making roll.

*** Ace Replies, "Slot or Split rolls" ***

  • Always slot with 21
  • Always hit with 41
  • Usually slot with 51.  21$-51 is the exception.   Probably the reason is you simply diversify the opponent's rolls too much, but I am not sure.

*** "Split or Two Down" replies *** (54, 52, 43, 32)

  • Always split against 21$.  Reason is opponent will likely cover next roll (31 of 36 times), in which case you are starting to get primed in and should split for an anchor.  So anticipate and split now!  Also, counterpriming is the wrong gameplan so you should split.

  • Same basic logic holds for 41$.  I think you need to split and anticipate the cover plus you are behind in the priming battle so counterprime is the wrong idea. 

  • Note that with 41$-43 Up is the correct reply.  I think the main reason is to confront the blot/builder on the 9 point, but also because bringing your builder down the 10 point is not the most efficient builder.

  • I consider 21$ and 41$ "stong slotting tries" since opponent has 3 direct covers if missed.  The 5 point blot is very likely to be covered next roll when missed.

  • I consider 51$ and 62$ "weak slotting tries" since opponent has only 2 direct covers if missed.  A significant portion of the time the opponent cannot cover the 5 point blot even when missed.

  • Against 51$ and 62$, it is technically correct to counterslot with both 32 and 52.  Splitting is essentially tied so you can't really go wrong no matter what you do.  I believe slotting is tactically strong due to the duplication of 3's.  It seems you can take a few liberties against the weaker slotting tries since opponent is not a lock to cover next time.

*** 6X Replies ***

  • 64 and 65 are obvious

  • 'Always run with 63 against any slot' sounds like a new rule.

  • 62 is going to be a headache for me figure out and remember. 

  • Split against 21$.  OTB this s/b easy to figure out since diversifiying his numbers can't be right.
    • Hit against 41$ (OK that one is easy!)
    • Run against 51$.  Run.  Guessing that you don't want him to unstack the midpoint on your head.  Good news - split is only a small .01 error
    • Split against 62$.  Split.  Guessing reason is he has already unstacked midpoint so getting hit with 6 now isn't as bad compared to 51$.  Good news - Run is only a small .01 error

*** Doubles ***

  • 55 and 66 are forced

  • 22 is obvious

  • 44 the normal Both or 24/20(2), 13/9(2) is the usual response. 

  • 41$-44 is an excpetion.  This superjoker is best played 24/20*/16*, 8/4(2).  Making the home board point is unusual but captures more gammons than the alternative 24/20*/16(2).

  • 33.  New Rule.  'Always play Cross or 24/21(2), 8/5(2) against any slot.'  In some cases another pay is technically corrrect but Cross is always either best or tied so 'cross vs slot' should be easy to remember.  Making the 5-point will be strong in an exchange of hits.  Advancing the anchor kills his priming threat and also takes advantage of your small racing lead.  Finally the opponent will not hit you with a 7 anyway, so your blot on the 8-point is temporalily invulnerable.

  • As mentioned above, 11 Near or 8/7(2), 6/5(2) is usually correct.  Excpetion is 41$-11.  Here you do better to hit b/c opponent has bad 6's from the bar.  However even here 11N is only a small .005 error so can't go far wrong by 'always playing 11 Near against any slot.' 


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