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April 25, 2012

5 away 5 away

Mochy video
Goal: Win 4 points

When to double
RACE: a little bit later than money
BLITZ: earlier than money.  blitz cube is very powerful

When to take
RACE: low takepoint because redoubling to 4 is strong
BLITZ: be careful taking gammonish cubes because of the elevated gammon value


Not much from Kit (at least in my notes).

My takeway was that initial cube actions are normal.


General Notes

1.      Similar to money play with some differences

2.      Checker play and contact cubes are same for money.

3.      Gammon value of .65 is elevated but not extremely high.  Impact is to turn borderline No Doubles into proper Doubles and borderline Takes into proper Drops.

a.       Example: 63S-11N-F-C?

                                                              i.      $: Borderline No double (by .02)

                                                            ii.      5a 5a: borderline Double /take (by .02)

b.      Example: 63S-33A-F-C?

                                                              i.      $: Double / Take (.94)

                                                            ii.      5a 5a: Double / Drop (.03)

4.      Opponent’s takepoint on recube is slightly elevated at 28%

5.      Raw takepoint is 24%

a.      [NOTE – I show 18% on my match equity chart]

b.      Perhaps Stick is not considering recube potential? – would explain why he has 24%?

6.      You can take a race deeper than for money because of the recube vig.  According to Stick you can take a race 1-2 pips deeper than for money.

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