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April 13, 2012

Thinking about Replies to Running Rolls

Thinking about replies to Running rolls

Hit if you can.

Better to hit than make a home board point (relevant for 31, 42, 53)

Split is better than two down. 

Point Making Rolls (31, 42, 53, 61)

Always make a point unless you hit

Aces (21, 41, 51)

21.  Slot on 65R; Up on 62R

41. This one is tricky to remember and understand.  I am going to make a rule ‘Always 41$ when opponent runs and you miss’ even though this is a small error on 65R and 63R.

51.  This is also tricky to remember.  I am going to make a rule ‘Always 51S when opponent runs’ even though slot and split are essentially tied in some cases.

Split or Two Down (54, 52, 43, 32)

54. Pretty easy.  Down if you hit; Split If you miss

52.  Down if you hit; Split if you miss.  Exception.  65R-52D. Tough to remember.  Why down?

43. Reverse split on 65R (the generally preferred split).  Hit and Split (obvious) on 62R and 63R.  Normal split on 64R.  This is the hard one.  I am guessing the reason is duplication of opponent’s 54.

32.  Hit and Split is obvious against 63R and 64R.  Normal split against 65R makes sense.  32U on 62R is the hard one.  The Reverse split (duplicating 2’s is also OK).

6X Rolls (65, 64, 63, 62)

65.  Always Run

64. Split with 64 except on 65R.  Then make the 2 point.   Why 65R-64P?  My guess is opponent has no blots so less action this roll.  Might as well make a point so future hit is more potent.

63. Split with 63 except on 62R.  On 62R, 13/10 makes no sense so 63Z wins by default. 

62.  This one is tricky to remember as well.  Split on 64R and 65R.  Slot on 62R and 63R; Probably slot since 13/11 is just another blot.


11. “Always play N and you can’t be too wrong.”  24/22, 6/5(2) is slightly better against 62R and 63R though I don’t understand why.  Seems easiest to just always play 8/7(2), 6/5(2).

22. Always N or 13/11(2), 6/4(2).  On 62R, 13/9*, 6/4(2) is fairly obvious.

33. This is probably the most difficult reply roll to play.

Attack 8/5(2), 6/3(2) on 62R and 64R.  Note 64R is one of stick’s rules (Make two inner points If blot on either 11 point)

On 63R, Hit and make a point with no blots – ie 13/10*(2),  6/3(2)

On 65R, the default play is best  24/21(2), 13/10(2)

44.  Always both 24/20(2), 13/9(2) is best though Point or 13/5*(2) is tied on 62R

55. Always Attack (obvious)

66. Always Both (obvious)

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