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June 25, 2012

Thinking about Replies to Deuce splits

Thinking about replies to Deuce Splits  (32Z, 52S)

The may not work so well together since 32Z is so weird and has so many exceptions.  But here goes anyways.

Hit if you can.  Make points if you can.

Point Making Rolls (31, 42, 53, 61)

Always make a point

Aces (21, 41, 51)

21.  Split. Note duplication of opponent’s 64.


on 32Z-41 any play is reasonable but I like hit (8/3*)

on 52S-41 tower (13/8) is correct.  Note this is the only time Tower is right on the reply roll.

51. 32Z-51 Run(24/18)  is actually best but is probably easier to just split (24/23, 13/8) in both cases.

Split or Two Down (54, 52, 43, 32)

54. 32Z-54 hit (24/13*) is obvious.  Otherwise split, there is nothing better.

52.  Split (24/22, 13/8) and you can’t go wrong but …

32Z-52 kill (8/3*/1*) is tied.

52S-52 two down (13/8, 13/11) is tied.  Note duplication of 64.

43. X or hit and split ( 24/20, 6/3*) is right in both case [note the action on the outfield blot] but …

52S-43 I like hit and down (13/9, 6/3*) for consistency

32Z-43 hit and down (13/9, 6/3*) is probably wrong since coming down doesn’t give you a direct cover


32Z-32 Kill or 6/3*/1* is the only time you hit two to the ace on the reply roll (not counting 65)

52S-32 is another exception.  Hit and down is correct and may be the only time you hit and come down from the midpoint even though there is no direct cover.

6X Rolls (65, 64, 63, 62)

65.  Always Run

64.  This so special it deserves a rule.  “Always hit loose when opponent splits with a deuce.”


32Z-63 Hit 24/15* is obvious

52S-63 Run is best.  Tend to run when 8 point is heavy (“4 stack”)


32Z-62 is a terrible roll.  No special logic.  Split (24/18, 13/11) is just the best you can do

52S-62 Run is best though split is tied.  Note again you tend to run when 8 point is heavy.


11. each 24/22, 6/5(2) is clear.

22. Near 13/11(2), 6/4(2) is also clear.

33. Attack 8/5(2), 6/3*(2) is obvious

44. Always both (obvious)

55. Always attack (obvious)

66. Always both (obvious)

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