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June 10, 2012

Thinking about replies to Two Down rolls

Thinking about replies to Running rolls  (32D, 43D, 54D, 52D)

Hit if you can.  Make points if you can.

Generally slot with aces

Generally meet two down with two down.  (some exceptions for 43D due to the 9 point builder)

Point Making Rolls (31, 42, 53, 61)

Always make a point unless you hit with 53

Aces (21, 41, 51)

Always slot with aces when opponent brings two down.

Split or Two Down (54, 52, 43, 32)

Generally two down but there are some exceptions.


This hits 32D and 43D. 

Against 54D, Run and Down are tied.  Run may be slightly better since you leap over his offense. 

Against 52D, down is best but run is only a small error.


Split against 32D and 43D.  Guessing reason is that 52D is a bad priming roll, plus your split man is not under the gun vs. 32D.   vs. 43D it is important to confront the 9 point super builder.

Mirror with Two down against 52D and 54D.

43. Always meet two down with two down

32.  Generally meet two down with two down.  43D is the exception, when you must confront the 9 point builder.  Note still two down vs 54D, probably because 54D is such a weak priming play. 

6X Rolls (65, 64, 63, 62)

Always run with 63 and 64 when opponent brings two down

Always split with 62 when opponent brings two down

65.  Always Run

64. Always Run (sometimes hits also).  Never make the two point.  Note you either hit or jump over the offense.

63. Always Run (sometimes hits also).  Note you either hit or jump over the offense. 

62.  Hit if you can, otherwise split.  Splitting is not ideal with four men on the 8 point, but it is all you got.


11. Always play N if you don’t leave a direct six shot.  So 8/7(2), 6/5(2) is clear in all two down cases.


N or 13/11(2), 6/4(2) is the default preferred play and best against 32D and 52D. 

On 43D and 52D, we play Each or 24/22(2), 6/4(2).  Reason is to confront the 9 point builder and to kill the prime game.

33. As usual, this is the most difficult reply roll to play.

On 32D, cross 24/21(2), 8/5(2).  I think this is taper mike rule ‘Always make the 5 point if opponent has 4 builders for his 5 point.’  Apparently stick’s rule about blot on 11 point doesn’t apply here, or perhaps I am misinterpreting it.  Note the hitting 61, 43 are duplicated plus we get return shots from the bar.

On 43D, also cross 24/21(2), 8/5(2).  Note 43 is duplicated and we get return shots from the bar if hit. 

On 54D, each is 24/21(2), 6/3(2) is best but if you forget and make the default play 24/21(2), 13/10(2) it is only a tiny error.

On 52D, now Stick’s rule seems to apply.  Attack or 8/5(2), 6/3(2) when a blot on either 11 point.

44.  The default play both 24/20(2), 13/9(2) is usually correct but here is an exception.

On 54D you hit!  24/16*, 13/9(2) is best.

On 43D you don’t hit!!  The default 24/20(2), 13/9(2) is best.

55. Always point (obvious)

66. Always Both (obvious)

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