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August 5, 2012

Blitz Game, 6...Na6 against KID 4 Pawn

I may start a new feature here.  Brief analysis of blitz games on ICC.  Hard to take these games too seriously as they are 3-min or 5-min online games.  The main idea is to do a quick follow up on the openings and slowly to build up my knowledge through practice and feedback.  Other deficiencies , tactics, middlegame, endgame, whatever, may also be revealed though this approach.

Below is a Kings Indian 4 pawns attack game where Black does not counter in the center.  Instead, Black plays ... Na6/c5,  ...Ne8/d6 and ...f5.  Usually when people try ...Na6/c5 they have the ...c6 break in mind, which is more common.  But the system chosen by my opponent is reasonable in my opinion. 
Enjoy, Bill


  1. If I were your opponent I would have doubled long ago.

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