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May 26, 2013

7 Point Match Cheat Sheet

Compare this with my ealier posts "Stick's Cheat Sheet" ( and "Bill's Match Equity Chart" (

I have updated my 7 point match table to incorporate Stick's values from 5 point match. I understand Stick's takepoints assume ~2/3 recube efficiency while the original chart assumes perfect recube efficiency. Thus his takepoints are a bit higher.

Values for other scores, as well as the recube takepoints are taken from a Phil Simobrg newsletter supporting I believe Phil is using an average recube effiecency rather than a fully live takepoint as well, so the numbers should complement each other.

I also added another view which groups the materials by score group. I think there is value to this approach. Stare long enough and hopefully we can start to understand the "curvature" of match equity, as Joe Slyvester once told me.




  1. Love it. Always enjoy your work, Bill.

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