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January 18, 2012


Notes for this score follow below.  Fairly short this time.


Takepoint about 30% is very high.  Therefore double early and pass early. Most holding games are probably drops.  But gammon value is .5 same as money, so checker play mirrors money play.  Double race very early and also drop very early.  30% race take is much much higher than your money racing formulas.


1.       Takepoint is very high at this score, about 30%.  Therefore double early so as to not lose the market.

2.       Checker play and gammons are similar to money


Race: Double much earlier than money.
Blitz: Double similar to money

Race: Tends to be pass.  "winning 2 point in 3 away is your main goal.  This can easily happen in race game, so tends to be pass"



1.      Checker play is similar to money play b/c gammon value is .5 once cube is turned

2.      Gammon value on 1 cube is .75

3.      Note on general gammon values.

a.       Elevated if a gammon will get you to the Crawford game whether the cube be on 1, 2, 4, etc..

b.      Elevated if a gammon will win the match

c.       Crippled if gammon puts you over the needed match length to win

4.      Always cash 3rd Roll Blitz/dance positions.  i.e. you are never too good after 52S-55A-F.

5.      Takepoint is 30%, or extremely high

6.      This means you should be cubing early and dropping early.

7.      Example.  Most Holding games are Drops!  Recall win percentage for strong side is usually 70-77%

8.      Stick rule of thumb.  Compared to money, add .05 to .06 to your equity for 3away 3away score.

a.       Meaning a borderline No Double for money is a for sure cube at 3 away 3 away      

9.      Recube takepoint is 25% so there is no extra recube vig when compared to money

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