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April 15, 2012

Crawford and Post-Crawford Scores

Continuing the series on 5 point match.  Below notes are from Kit Woolsey's article (

Crawford Scores

2 Away Crawford

1.       Gammon value is 1.0.  Go for the gammon if risky play wins more gammons than extra losses.

a.       (i.e. extra gammons > extra losses)

2.       Leader Wants

a.       Gammon-free game (Race, Holding Game)

b.      Advanced anchor

c.       Think defense first

d.      Opening moves are gammon-save

3.       Trailer Wants

a.       Gammonish positions (Blitz, Prime, Backgame)

b.      Think Offense first

c.       Opening moves are gammon-go

3 Away Crawford: “the worthless gammon”

1.       Essentially the same as DMP since gammon is worthless.  Only the free drop (or ~ 1% MWC is at stake).

2.       But leader should be careful to avoid backgammons

3.       And trailer can take late chances to go for the backgammon.  Example: bearing off and leaving a shot with opponent on the bar could be right

4 Away Crawford: “The Worthless Backgammon”

1.       Strategy is basically the same as Crawford game.

2.       Gammons are of extra value to the trailer (.58), but the trailer shouldn’t go overboard making a risky play to force a gammon win.

3.       Leader is on Gammmon Save but can ignore backgammon risks.

5 Away Crawford

1.       Same as 3 away Crawford.  Gammons don’t particularly help the trailer. 

2.       But backgammons are valuable!  Leader should be careful not to get BG’d

POST-Crawford: Even Away Scores

2 Away Post-Crawford

1.       Trailer should immediately double

2.       Leader should use free drop if he is an underdog (less than 50% to win)

3.       If Trailer wins opening roll, don’t slot!  You can’t realize the upside of this play b/c leader will use free drop)

4.       If trailer jumps out to an early lead (like 31P 62S) he may be too good to double!  Trailer can consider playing on for a gammon.  If trailer is at any time in danger of dropping below 50% win chances, trailer can always double and cash the game.  Otherwise trailer can play on for the Gammon.

4 Away Post-Crawford: Virtual DMP

1.       Leader has free drop available, as per any even away post Crawford score.  Since leader may lose and still have the free-drop available next game, he has the option to take as a slight underdog if he so chooses.

2.       According to Dmitriy Obhukov, leader’s gammonless takepoint is about 35%.  Leader should always take if he wins the opening roll since gammons are low.

3.       Cube strategy same as 2 away post Crawford.

4.       Once cube is turned, gammon-go for trailer; gammon-save for leader.

POST-Crawford: Odd Away Scores

3 Away Post-Crawford: “The Trick”

1.       No free drop for the leader

2.       Leader should take as long as winning chances > gammon losses.

3.       Once cube turned, same as 2 away post-crawford

4.       “the trick.” Trailer may wait to double until he has a very strong (but not gammonish) position.  Leader should take, but may make an error and drop anyway.

5.       On bear-off (no gammons) leader can take very deep, as low as ~5% I believe.

5 Away Post-Crawford

1.       Same as 3 away post-crawford.  No free-drop for the trailer.  Leader should always take. 

2.       Trailer should double immediately, but can wait to try and trick the leader into a bad drop.

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