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May 14, 2012

Thinking about replies to Ace splits (21S, 41S, 51S)

Point Rolls:

Always make a point unless you hit outside with 53. (obvious)

Split or Slot Rolls:

Slotting is wrong idea since you are slotting into doubleshot. 

21.  is tricky to remember. 

Split against 41.
Split and Up are tied versus 21.
Up against 51.  However 51S-21$ is only a small error (probably b/c you are splitting into the stacks).

41. Always Kill (hit two) with 41 against all ace splits. This is especially important against 41S b/c of the power of the 9 point builder.

51.  Always split just b/c there is nothing better.

Split or Two Down Rolls:

54.  This junky role is always best played by splitting. 

But note hit & split is reasonable (tied) against 41S, once again illustrating the power of the 9 point superbuilder.

Also note run is reasonable (tied) against 51S, once again illustrating the desire not to split in front of the stacky 8 points and 6 points.  This is a juicy target for the opponent.

52.  Split is clear in all cases

43. I like hit and split against 21S and 41S.  I like down against 51S.

32. I like split against 21S and 41S.  I like down against 51S.

6-X Rolls:

65.  Always run (obvious)

64.  Hit versus 21S, otherwise point on head (obvious)

63.  Making a Rule to Always run with 63 when opponent splits with an ace. 

On 21S, running duplicates 1's and 3's
On 41S and 51S, you jump over his offensive structure


Split versus 21 as a standard distraction play.
Hit versus 41S (obvious)
Run versus 51S, to jump over the opponent's offensive structure.


11.  Always split and make the 5 point.  You don't want to leave a direct shot on 8 point.


Near against 21S and 51S since you have the better priming structure
Each (22 point anchor and 4 point) against 41S because of the 9 point builder.  You make an inner point and fight against his 9 point builder.

33.  Always both ("up and down").  The default play is on since nothing better.

44.  Both against 21S and 51S.  Against 41S, 44 is a super joker.  You can hit and make the two point on his head.  Note this is the only time you make the 2 point with 44 on reply roll,

55.  Always attack by making the 1 point and 3 point - obvious.

66.  Always both (obvious).

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